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Philippines city hires 20 gay traffic wardens

Philippines city hires 20 gay traffic wardens

A city in the Philippines has employed 20 gay traffic wardens in an effort to stop fighting between drivers and ‘macho’ traffic enforcers.

The Queens of the Road were piloted in congested areas of Rosario, Cavite province on Saturday (7 February).

The all-gay squad was the brainchild of Mayor Jose Ricafrente Jr, who thinks drivers will respond well to their dance routines.

‘I believe that drivers will respect these gays who will perform their eight-hour duty everyday. We are so used to the macho type of traffic enforcer, who often had to fight it out with drivers,’ he said.

‘Now is the time to use the gay enforcers and maybe we can see how their kindness can work in managing our traffic problems.’

Ferrnando Garcia, Rosario Traffic Management chief, said the gay traffic wardens will wear pink polo shirts as uniform and will use a mat fan to direct traffic.

The road queens were trained for two days in basic traffic management and were deputized to issue tickets to traffic violators.

Ricafrente said members of the Philippine National Police would be dispatched to assist the gay enforcers.

Watch the Queens of the Road in action below: