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Philly Archbishop: No communion for sexually active gays

Philly Archbishop: No communion for sexually active gays

Philly Archbishop Charles J. Chaput says gays who have sex can't take communion.

Catholics who are gay and have sex cannot receive Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, according to Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

Chaput has issued a new set of pastoral guidelines that also rules out communion for Catholics who are divorced and civilly remarried as well as unmarried couples who live together.

The archbishop acknowledges that it is ‘hard teaching.’

And there’s more.

Gays, remarried divorcees and cohabiting unmarried couples are also not allowed to serve on parish councils, instruct the faithful, serve as lectors, or dispense Communion, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Chaput describes these as ‘irregular’ relationships and writes that ‘no matter how sincere’ they may be, to allow any of these people to have positions of responsibility in the church would ‘offer a serious counter-witness to Catholic belief, which can only produce moral confusion in the community.’

Chaput wrote the six-page guidelines in response to Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia document on family issued in April.

He was part of the group of bishops who advised the Pope on the document and is chairman of a five-bishop committee to help promote the teachings of it in the US.