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Phoenix gay bar staff fight off axe wielding attacker

A man who attacked the staff and patrons of an Arizona gay bar with an axe got more than he bargained for when a go-go dancer and the bar’s manager took him down and then patrons held him until police arrived

Phoenix gay bar staff fight off axe wielding attacker

A go-go dancer and bar manager subdued an axe wielding man who attacked the patrons of a gay bar in Phoenix, Arizona on February 17.

40-year-old Lawrence Aguirre had been drinking with his girlfriend in Phoenix’s Oz Bar but was asked to leave when he began arguing with his girlfriend by bar manager Adrian Carlos Maldonado.

When Maldonado told him he would no longer serve him, Aguirre got angry and went to his car – returning with an axe.

Maldonado closed a steel door to prevent Aguirre from re-entering the bar but after waiting some time and assuming that Aguirre had left, Maldonado re-opened the door and Aguirre stormed in.

‘I really thought my life was in danger – I’m pretty sure everybody else did too,’ Maldonado told FOX 10 news.

A go-go dancer grabbed Aguirre from behind, giving Maldonado the time to pick up a pool cue and strike Aguirre over the head, causing him to drop the axe.

‘One that happened I threw the pool stick to the side and I had somebody else grab the axe and we just held him on the ground,’ Maldonado told Fox 10.

‘It’s so weird that something like that happened but I was really happy that everybody pulled together and helped me out with getting this guy on the ground and having him arrested. The guy was crazy.’

Maldonado had never seen Aguirre in the bar before the day of the incident.

Aguirre has been charged with assault and criminal damage.

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