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Sexy underwear photo of Antoni Porowski removed from Instagram

Sexy underwear photo of Antoni Porowski removed from Instagram

Queer Eye's Antoni poses for sexy Calvin Klein shoot | Photo: Instagram/Damon Baker

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski recently unveiled a sexy underwear photoshoot he did, which he posted on Instagram.

Naturally, it sent the internet into meltdown.

The social media platform, however, removed one of the photos posted by Damon Baker. Baker was the photographer who did the shoot with Porowski.

According to the screencap Baker posted on his Instagram story, the platform removed a photo of a shirtless Porowski with his hands slightly down his Calvin Klein underwear.

No other photos were removed. Porowski also posted photos from the shoot to his account, but not this one.

Damon Baker responds to the removal of his photo
Baker responding to the removal | Photo: Instagram @damon_baker

In another story post, Baker wrote: ‘There was nothing pornographic or nude about my pictures of Antoni but Instagram deleted the post so now I’m sad and upset.

‘WTF is so offensive about a human body? We all have one!’

Baker also posted the photos to his Twitter account, where no such censorship occurred. The banned Instagram photo is viewable in the tweet below.

A history of this

Recently, Instagram has come under fire for taking down LGBTI content related to nudity.

The platform removed a topless photo of non-binary figure Bex Taylor-Klaus, as well as a same-sex kiss. They apologized for the latter action.

These decisions also follow Facebook including ‘sexual partner preference’ in their sexual solicitation guidelines page, and Tumblr banning NSFW content.

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