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Photographer accused of raping male models to fulfil ‘straight guy’ fetish

Photographer accused of raping male models to fulfil ‘straight guy’ fetish

A British gay photographer is accused of drugging straight models to rape them.

Nigel Wilkinson, 45, stands accused of fulfilling a ‘straight guy’ fetish by sexually assaulting innocent men.

He has pleaded not guilty to one charge of rape, one sexual assault, five of voyeurism, and six of administering a substance with intent.

It is claimed he lured his victims to his home for photo shoots.

Photographer accused of raping straight models

The court heard he offered his victims fully-clothed professional pictures, paying them, as long as he could take a ‘few semi-nude, arty, tasteful pictures’ for himself.

He allegedly would also offer the men an alcoholic drink, which was drugged. The men would then wake up naked in the photographer’s bed, the court heard.

Wilkinson allegedly said during a chat, ‘I get a kick out of robbing a straight guy out of his masculinity’.

Prosecuting, Sarah Regan said: ‘It is clear that he tapped into the modern obsession with looking good and promoting the self, to add to the number of followers and likes on social media.

‘None of that is illegal, and it is in fact a very astute business plan. But it very quickly morphed into a vehicle for the depraved yearnings of Nigel Wilkinson.’

Wilkinson’s first alleged victim, who the photographer is accused of raping, claims Wilkinson took pictures of him that he was not aware were being taken.

He alleges, the morning after a 20-minute fitness shoot at the photographer’s home in Bristol, he woke up face down and naked in the photographer’s bed.

He says Wilkinson was behind him in an ‘obviously sexual’ position.

‘Straight guy’ fetish

The alleged victim also claims he was offered a vodka and coke by Wilkinson, before waking up in his bed.

‘I wasn’t really capable of really moving, and I don’t think I could even really say anything,’ he said.

‘I’m pretty much definitely sure he was doing stuff to me. I’m 99% sure he tried to have sex with me.’

Wilkinson used the alias ‘Straight Boy Lover’ on online chats.

‘I love dumb jocks and guys stupid enough to sleep next to me,’ he allegedly said.

He is accused of drugging six men between 12 February 2014 and 12 December 2015.

The case continues.