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UK photographer who drugged and raped male models gets 16 years in jail

UK photographer who drugged and raped male models gets 16 years in jail

Nigel Wilkinson jailed for drugging and raping male models

An amateur photographer from Bristol, England received a 16-year jail sentence for drugging and raping male models.

This is the second sentence Nigel Wilkinson, 45, has received for such crimes.

He was already serving a sentence of 11 years and six months following a trial in 2016.

After this first conviction, more victims came forward. A jury found Wilkinson guilty of nine more offenses, and Judge James Patrick passed down this second sentence.

When the new accusations came to light, Wilkinson pleaded not guilty to one charge of rape, one sexual assault, five of voyeurism, and six of administering a substance with intent.

According to reports, Wilkinson used social media to identify and lure would-be male models to his home.

What he did to his victims

Testimonies and allegations state Wilkinson offered the victims a professional, fully-clothed photoshoot. However, he also requested some ‘semi-nude, arty, tasteful pictures’ for himself.

During the times at his home, Wilkinson allegedly gave the victims drugged alcoholic drinks. They would wake up in his bed.

‘I get a kick out of robbing a straight guy out of his masculinity,’ Wilkinson reportedly said in conversation at one point.

He was also accused of having a ‘fetish’ for straight men.

During sentencing, Judge Patrick described Wilkinson having a ‘a long-standing and entrenched sexual interest in straight men, especially those who are sleeping or drugged’.

Wilkinson’s full sentence is 20 years, with 16 years and six months in prison and the rest on license.

His new sentence will run concurrently with his original.

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