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Photographer refused to take wedding pictures for gay couple, so another photographer offered to do it for free

Photographer refused to take wedding pictures for gay couple, so another photographer offered to do it for free

Photographer denied service to gay couple

A photography company has refused to take wedding pictures for a gay couple over their ‘religious beliefs’.

Mike Cerantola and fiancé Victor Rivas contacted local company Premiere Productions to set up a meeting for their November wedding.

But the mood soon got awkward when the photographer asked for whether he would be shooting for one hour at the bride’s and one hour at the groom’s.

”I mentioned that there’s only going to be one house since we already live with each other and I said there is no bride,’ he told Montreal News.

‘We’re two guys.’


The photographer then responded by email.

‘I regret that I cannot take this wedding because it is at odds with my personal religious beliefs,’ he wrote.

Posting on Facebook, Cerantola said: ‘Anyone who knows me knows I’m relatively a nice person and would never be malicious….but being refused by a photographer to shoot my wedding because I’m gay hurt me a little.

‘No sweat off my back.. Gonna look for more, but raising awareness for others who are in the same Gay boat.

‘Be aware, this company will turn you down if you are homosexual.’

Canadian law states that you cannot discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation especially in the case of commercial business services available to the public.

Premiere Productions has not responded to requests for comment.

And while the couple will not be going with Premiere Productions for their wedding, they have had a huge amount of support.

One photographer, Stuart Seemungal, even offered to do it solely on his expense.

‘Just saw your story,’ he said. ‘I’ll come to Montreal from Ottawa at my expense and photograph your wedding for free if you can’t find anyone to do it.’

Plenty of other people offered their services, including one guy who would provide a free photobooth. Other friends,  family and strangers also suggested gay-friendly photographers they could possibly use.

Rivas said: ‘Mike and I are touched beyond belief at the humanity you all have shown us. And I would like to personally thank you for all your candor and helpful information.

‘Truly, it’s heart-warming. I have no words for the kindness you’ve all expressed all I can say is a heartfelt THANK YOU!!’

The couple have yet to make a decision on who will photograph their wedding, but something tells us it’s going to be incredibly beautiful.