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This picture of Michael B Jordan is being attacked as he looks ‘gay’

This picture of Michael B Jordan is being attacked as he looks ‘gay’

Michael B Jordan posed for Vanity Fair

Michael B Jordan and director Ryan Coogler recently posed for a picture with Vanity Fair to discuss their two collaborations: Creed and Fruitvale Station.

But when it was posted online, it got a lot of homophobes upset.

Vanity Fair

Many questioned why Jordan had his hand on Coogler’s head, with many suggesting the image was sexual and using homophobic language. Others claimed Vanity Fair was making the two actors effeminate and emasculating them.

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Thankfully, there were other commenters online that deflected the homophobia.

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As Mic notes, there is a myth that the black community is more likely to be more homophobic than others. Many claimed black voters were to blame for the passing of Prop 8 in 2008, which was later debunked. Data showed their voting was around the same as other racial groups. And to the contrary, black and Latino voters were directly responsible for the passing of same-sex marriage in Maryland. So this is a #MasculinitySoFragile issue, not a race one.

Son of Baldwin, a LGBTI rights page on Facebook, had one of the best responses.

Apparently, this photo of actor Michael B. Jordan and director Ryan Coogler from a Vanity Fair shoot is disturbing a…

Posted by Son of Baldwin on Sunday, 6 March 2016