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17 pictures of the most stunning queens competing on Miss Gay America 2019

17 pictures of the most stunning queens competing on Miss Gay America 2019

Close ups of drag queens Fifi DuBois and Alexis Mateo.

44 fierce drag performers are about to get on stage in St. Louis, Missouri for the 47th edition of Miss Gay America.

The drag pageant, modeled after Miss America and other pageants for cisgender women, starts on 3 October until 6 October.

Now in its 47th year, the contest promises four days of ‘glamour, Las Vegas-style entertainment, high emotions, higher hair, and really, really big earrings’.

At the end of the flamboyant event, the new queen will be crowned on the final night, taking on the title for 2019.

The Miss Gay America pageant is a family-friendly event. Many contestants, in fact, show up with spouses, relatives, and children. Adorably, some even wear matching bowling jackets emblazoned with their queen’s name across the back.

As for its rules, Miss Gay America is strict. Notably, it’s the only national drag pageant that prohibits contestants from using female hormones. Similarly, queens can’t undergo any feminizing plastic surgery, such as breast implants.

MGA was born in 1972

Miss Gay America has been following the traditional pageant model since 1972.

Similarly to RPDR, it has contestants, judges, and categories. At the end of the competition, the winner goes home with a prize package worth $50,000.

This year’s Miss Gay America prize package includes crown, scepter, and jewelry, alongside other treats fit for a queen. If you want to find out what’s in there, you can find further information on the blog.

Hailing from Ohio, Deva Station won the title in 2017

Fantastical creatures and where to find them… | Photo: Laura Dark Photography

The current titleholder is Deva Station, who also offered her take on why MGA is still relevant here.

After her victory, she got to choose the theme for this year’s pageant, Fantastical Creatures.

Following her lead, contestants will need to interpret the theme in their gown, costume and look for the presentation category.

This year Deva has one only imperative.

‘Take inspiration from fantasy, Greek mythology, sci-fi,’ she also said.

She furthermore added: ‘Be creative and take us to a world of total fantasy.’

Apart from presentation, queens will compete in other four categories: male interview in suit and tie, evening gown, on-stage interview, and talent. The latter is usually a big production number with costumes, sets, and dancers.

The pageant will also feature performances by former Miss Gay Americas.

The new queens are here

Coming from all across the US, the new queens are fierce and fabulous.

Among 2019’s contestants, there is also RPDR3’s Alexis Mateo, who represents Florida.

Just a few hours away from the beginning of the contest, let’s also take a look at 17 of the most incredible queens battling for the title.

Adriana Galliano

Adriana Galliano, Miss Gay America Arizona | Photo: Scott Kirby

Alexis Mateo

Straight from RPDR, Alexis Mateo, Miss Gay America Florida 2018 | Photo: Erika Wagner

Atheena Voce

Atheena Voce, Miss Gay Gateway Elegance America 2018 | Photo: Andreu Wade Blackwell

Erikka Shaye

Erikka Shaye, Miss Gay Gateway Elegance America 2018 First Alternate | Photo: Carrie Strong

Kenli Andrews

Kenli Andrews, Miss Gay America Louisiana 2018 | Photo: supplied

Nina DiAngleo

Nina DiAngleo, Miss Gay Midwest America 2018 | Photo: Tios Photography

Sofia Anderson

Sofia Anderson, Miss Gay Nevada America 2018 | Photo: Tios Photography

Janessa Highland

Janessa Highland, Miss Gay Missouri America 2018 | Photo: Gingersnap Photography

Andora Tetee

Andora Tetee, Miss Gay New York America 2018 | Photo: Kiet Thai

Dessie Love Blake

Dessie Love Blake, Miss Gay New York America 2018 First Alternate | Photo: Angelo S. Ortiz Vela

Shanel Sterling

Shanel Sterling, Miss Gay Oklahoma America 2018 | Photo: Carrie Strong

Jaslene Dickson

Jaslene Dickson, Miss Gay Pennsylvania America 2018 | Photo: Zapata Zapata


Dextaci, Miss Gay Western States America 2018 First Alternate | Photo: Scotty Kirby

Veronika Versace

Veronika Versace, Miss Gay Show Me State America 2018 | Photo: Gingersnap Photography

Regina Blake DuBois

Regina Blake DuBois, Miss Gay Texas America 2018 | Photo: David Martinez

Chloe Knox

Chloe Knox, Miss Gay Texas America 2018 First Alternate | Photo: Christelyn Nash

Fifi DuBois

Fifi DuBois, Miss Gay Western States America 2018 | Photo: Scotty Kirby

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