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Here are the hottest, sexiest and most ridiculous pictures from Rio Pride

More than 500,000 people celebrated Pride at the Copacabana

Here are the hottest, sexiest and most ridiculous pictures from Rio Pride
Not just the sun was hot at Rio Pride.

More than half a million people took part in Rio Pride yesterday (11 December).

At the height of Brazil’s summer, 600,000 people came together at the Copacabana to celebrate the 21st Rio Pride Parade under the motto of ‘I am my Gender Identity’.

For 2016, the political aspect of Rio Pride focused on the push for a bill increasing LGBTI equality in the country’s healthcare system.

If it passes, both the public health system and private health plans won’t be able to refuse paying for trans people’s hormonal treatment or gender confirmation surgery.


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It would also made it easier for people to change their gender markers on passports and other ID.

Mais amor, por favor!!!

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Attendees also carried a coffin and wreaths, to represent and remember the victims of homophobia; this year alone, at least 300 people were killed because of their sexuality or gender identity.

#pride #paradaLGBT

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But of course, there was also a more cheerful side to the event.

Under the blazing sun, the colorful crowds carried a 124 meter long rainbow flag along the seaside, while stewards handed out 400,000 condoms, encouraging people to play it safe.

So here are some of the hottest pics of this year’s Rio Pride, to warm you up on those cold winter days.

Pride to be ❤ Pride to love 💜

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Cês pensaram mesmo que eu não ia rebolar minha bunda ontem ?!

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Rio de Janeiro VI 🌈#brazilië #gaypride2016 #whoruntheworld #girlssss

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Rio de Janeiro III 🌈#brazilië #gaypride2016

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Pride march today… just warming up for carnivale. Amazing atmosphere! 🌈👯🍾❤️😎👏🏻

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Melhor dia da minha vida ever❤️ sem medo do preconceito! Um dia longe disso. 🏳️‍🌈😍

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Pega nois 🌈🌈🌈

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O simpatizante mais lindo da parada. #farofa #paradagay #lgbt #simpatizantes #maisamorporfavor #igualdadedegenero

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Arrasa, Viado ! 😁😁😁 #paradagay2016 #paradagay #riosempreconceitos

A photo posted by Herberth Magalhães (@herberth.turismorj) on

Quem tem limite é município não eu🌈🌈

A photo posted by Nelson Marques (@nelsonssm) on

Te mete!

A photo posted by Luiz Gustavo (@gustavocrasnoff) on

@nubiapinheirodrag como sempre arrasando! #VerãoRedondo #RespeitoIsOn

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