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Piers Morgan defends trans people in fiery interview with doctor

Piers Morgan defends trans people in fiery interview with doctor

Piers Morgan argument doctor trans people

Piers Morgan defended trans people in an interview with a doctor who refused to call trans patients by their proper pronouns.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today (9 July), Morgan – who has a history of clashing with the trans community – shut down the interview with Dr David Mackereth, who is Christian. The doctor was fired for his refusal to use the pronouns of his patients.

Mackereth told the show it was ‘dishonest to use pronouns that way’.

He said: ‘By changing the way we use pronouns we change who we are as a society and the way we are as people.’

Mackereth also said he doesn’t believe ‘a person can change sex, I don’t believe that a person can change gender’.

However, Morgan ended up calling the doctor out. He said: ‘[Transgender people] go through an extremely long and painful transition process, both physically and psychologically.

‘And they do it because fundamentally they believe they were born in the wrong body, the wrong gender, the wrong sex.

‘Shouldn’t you find it in your Christian heart to respect that?’

The doctor hit back: ‘The bible tells that God made us male and female. He made us for his own glory. If I’m a bigot then the whole of Christianity throughout history is bigotry.

‘I don’t believe that, I believe Christianity is the truth of God.’

Piers then reminded the doctor that the bible says to punish adulterers with stoning. He adds: ‘Jesus Christ told you to be tolerant of people as well and you seem to have failed that test.

‘You are citing the bible to defend your bigotry. We have all moved on from large swathes of the bible.’

Morgan then cuts off the interview.

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A history of anti-trans rhetoric

This may be surprising to followers of Piers Morgan. He is often a critic of the trans community. In 2017 on the same show he compared non-binary children to a disease: ‘Schools are now running riot with non-binary kids. It’s like a contagion.’

He also mocked Sam Smith for his non-binary identity.

While interviewing Caitlyn Jenner on TV, he asked her multiple questions about her genitals.

In September 201, he told Mermaids activist Susie Green trans girls should not be in the Girl Guides until they are ‘fully woman’.

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