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Piers Morgan and trans activist Munroe Bergdorf clash over n-word on TV

Piers Morgan and trans activist Munroe Bergdorf clash over n-word on TV

Munroe on Good Morning Britain

London-based trans activist Munroe Bergdorf, who earlier this year was famously dropped by L’Oreal, clashed on live TV with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, hosts of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Bergdorf had been invited on this morning episode of the popular British breakfast show to discuss Twitter barring leading figures of the far-right political party, Britain First. Britain First is known for its anti-immigration and anti-Muslim views.

Bergdorf appeared alongside broadcaster and writer Edward Adoo. During the discussion, she twice used the n-word when talking about abusive comments she had received online.

She agreed with Twitter’s action, going on to say: ‘Absolutely this is about abuse. This is about racism and trying to stem the amount of racism, especially with young white men in modern Britain today.

‘These are the groups that are upholding it.

‘I think it’s very different with institutions when you’ve got businesses and agencies targeting individual people with abuse. I was called a “n*****”, I was called a “black bitch”, I was called a “tranny” constantly by these people.’

‘Twitter allowing these comments to go out there people to be targeted. White people aren’t oppressed. These groups are assembled to feed into a narrative of alt right.’

Later on, she went on to say, ‘These people are abusing their freedom of speech. You can’t just go round calling black women in the media…’

At this point, anticipating what she was going to say, co-host Susanna Reid interrupted and said, ‘I just need to interrupt just because you’ve already used words you can’t use at this time in the morning.’

At first, Bergdorf complied, but then went on again later on to say, ‘I can’t say n***** but I’m going to say it.’

This time, she was told not to say it by Morgan: ‘We would like you to stop just using the word. My opinion is that the more that people use it, any color, the worse it is.’

Adoo also criticized her for using the word on a breakfast TV show, saying he felt ‘awkward’ next to her while she used it.

Bergdorf was dropped from a L’Oreal advertising campaign earlier this year after posting a lengthy blog posting challenging racist attitudes. In it, she said western society as a system is rooted in white supremacy.

After the broadcast, Bergdorf took to social media to defend her use of the word.

‘I was invited on Good Morning Britain as somebody that has been on the receiving end of racial abuse from the members of white nationalist organizations such as BNP, EDL and Britain First.

‘My use of the n-word on the show was with reference to what I personally am called almost on a daily basis by such individuals.

‘All social media platforms have a duty and responsibility to their users to keep them safe from racial violence.

‘There is a big difference between exercising your freedom of speech and abusing it to oppress others.

‘My use of the n-word was not random or without purpose’ she said.

‘Be angry at the abuse, not at somebody describing their abuse. I do realize that as it was morning television it may raise some eyebrows, but me identifying the abuse that I’m called almost every day is not the issue and definitely not what the press should focus on, the people who carry out this abuse, that is the issue.’