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Pink on gay fans, marriage equality and Mitt Romney

Pink on gay fans, marriage equality and Mitt Romney

Pop rocker Pink has spoken out in her characteristically frank way about her gay fans, marriage equality, and the upcoming US presidential election.

In an interview with Gaydar Radio’s breakfast hosts Neil Sexton and Debbie Ryan, the ‘Get The Party Started’ singer said it was important to represent her ‘really rad gay audience’.

Pink said: ‘I identify with people that struggle and I respect people that have to fight for their right to be respected.

‘I felt bullied, judged and labeled and I think it’s asinine for one person to think they are better than another person.’

She said the bullying mentality, which is why she is against animal cruelty because they cannot speak for themselves, is ‘ridiculous and infuriating.’

‘Some of the greatest people I’ve met in my life happen to be gay people and I find that very hard to ignore, I find it very hard to be around racist or homophobic people,’ she said.

The 33-year-old, born in Pennsylvania, USA, also spoke out for her hope Mitt Romney would not get into the White House.

‘I would like [Obama] to have four more years to be stronger,’ she said. ‘I think even he knows he needs to be stronger and stop trying to please everyone.

‘I’m all for it, I don’t think it’s time to start over with a brand new person with the same set of problems.

‘And I don’t think Mitt Romney is the right person.’

The singer hoped for the day when we no longer talk about being gay or straight, saying ‘I think that the best day will be when we no longer talk about being gay or straight – it’s not a ‘gay wedding’ it’s just a ‘wedding’, it’s not a ‘gay marriage’ it’s just ‘a marriage’.

‘It’s not a ‘black man’ or ‘white woman’, it’s just ‘a man’ and ‘a woman’ or ‘a human’ and ‘a human’. I’d just like to get to that.’

The full interview will be broadcast on Gaydar Radio at 7am on 19 September.

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