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Pink Lady adds rainbow to its apples for Pride

Pink Lady adds rainbow to its apples for Pride

Pink Lady® are adding a rainbow to its logo for Pride

Pink Lady® – one of the most famous brands of apple in the world – has announced that it will be supporting LGBT Pride season by adding a rainbow to its distinctive logo.

Every apple given away in Pride goody bags this season will feature a limited edition rainbow heart sticker in place of the brand’s usual iconic pink heart sticker.

Pink Lady® is a sponsor of Gay Star News. Last year, it gave away 10,000 apples in tote bags that were distributed by Gay Star News at Pride festivals around the UK. This year, 20,000 tote bags will be given away – each containing an apple, among other goodies.

The announcement of the rainbow stickers was made today as part of the Gay Star News organized Digital Pride festival. Pink Lady® are marketed and distributed in the UK by Coregeo®.

Chief Marketing Officer at Coregeo®, Michelle Toft commented: ‘Pink Lady® is thrilled about the evolving partnership with Gay Star News and being able to continue supporting the LGBTI community. It’s really exciting to support these events with our Pink Lady® apples to create a real impact for the thousands of expected attendees.’

Pink Lady® apples were first sold back in the 1970s and have been sold in the UK for over 20 years. They’re the first apple to blossom and the last to be harvested – needing the extra time in the sun to develop their distinctive color and sweetness.

‘We are a brand for everyone and we want to illustrate that,’ says Toft, speaking exclusively to Gay Star News about why Pink Lady® is a supporter of LGBTI Pride.

‘The LGBTI community is an important one, and commercial considerations aside, I tend to feel quite strongly, if you’re in any sort of commercial business, you still have a responsibility to the community at large.’

Toft says that the presence of Pink Lady® at Pride events last year – the second year it had been involved with promotional activity around Pride – prompted plenty of positive feedback on social media, and she’s proud to stand up as an LGBTI ally.

‘I have family members who are part of the LGBTI community. When I posted something on Facebook in the first year to say that Pink Lady® was working with Gay Star News, the feedback that I got from them gave me that extra bit of confidence to talk about these things. It is tricky, because you have a fear that you might sound condescending, but this is something that’s important.

‘I’m pleased to say that we’ve not had any negative feedback about supporting Pride festivals – only positive feedback.’

Tris Reid-Smith, editor and director of Gay Star News said: ‘A Pink Lady® apple is the perfect snack on Pride day or any day and they’ll taste all the sweeter for carrying a rainbow heart sticker. It’s still very rare for a brand to embrace Pride like this, so it’s an exciting activation.’

Gay Star News will be giving away tote bags, including Pink Lady® apples, at Pride festivals in Birmingham, London, Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol.