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Planning to be a mother of tomorrow? Book your fertility MOT now!

Planning to be a mother of tomorrow? Book your fertility MOT now!

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The London Women’s Clinic provides a comprehensive initial consultation, a Fertility MOT that includes an ‘Anti-Mullerian Hormone’ (AMH) blood test and an internal scan together with implications counselling. 

This means there is no waiting: the blood test a week or more before your appointment enables those results to be used together with the findings from your scan and medical history so that the specialist can provide factual information about your fertility and the assisted conception options available to you. 

This AMH test provides an indication of your ‘ovarian reserve’ – in other words, the capacity of your ovary to provide egg cells that are capable of fertilization resulting in a healthy and successful pregnancy.  The AMH isn’t a primary care test so can’t routinely be done with your GP as it is only useful to a fertility specialist; the result informs them how you may respond to medication to stimulate the ovaries. 

Each month women routinely lose around a thousand eggs; that’s around 30-35 eggs each day. Some eggs continue to have potential and develop inside antral follicles, one follicle going on to become the dominant follicle that we ovulate from.

Your internal scan, a routine part of the comprehensive initial consultation, provides a physical view of the ovaries; the size of each ovary is assessed, the scan can identify a dominant follicle and also the presence of antral follicles. The scan also informs of any irregularities and if In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is considered the scan will show the accessibility of each ovary as the eggs would be collected under sedation for fertilising outside of the body.

A comprehensive initial consultation can be performed at any time of your monthly cycle.  The specialist is able to see from your scan how the lining of the uterus (the ‘endometrium’), correlates in thickness to the day of your cycle; if an irregularity is identified such as a polyp or fibroid, then further investigations and/or actions may be suggested to help promote a positive outcome.

An ‘implications counselling appointment’ aims to help people trying to conceive to be kinder to themselves before, during and following treatment; to be aware of resources and strategies to assist them and their wider networks and to gain a greater understanding of the implications of treatment to themselves and their families. 

The London Women’s Clinic works with the London Egg Bank and London Sperm Bank; patient empowerment has brought online catalogues for at home browsing and selection, both catalogues available for browsing 24/7.

You can’t accidently order eggs or sperm! In order to purchase you do need to be registered, this means also being registered with the clinic with a treatment plan in place. There are videos about a few of our donors who have already reached their ten family limit, which are well worth watching to give an idea of what drives the donors to donate.

To explore your own fertility and to find out what methods of conceiving might work best for you, do think about attending one of the Inseminar events at the London Women’s Clinic: these take place on Saturdays once or twice a month and provide a comprehensive overview around fertility, assisted conception and donors (both egg and sperm).

Visit the London Women’s Clinic website for more information, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 20 7563 4309.