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This new internet plug-in will allow you to never answer a gender box form again

This new internet plug-in will allow you to never answer a gender box form again

What if shopkeepers asked you for your gender like online forms do?

Denmark is making the internet gender-free.

The organizers of Copenhagen Pride started a new initiative in response to unnecessary gender questions on online forms.

Calling them not just ‘so yesterday’ but also very discriminatory, despite Denmark being very open.

‘At Copenhagen Pride we are proud to represent one of the first countries in the world to stop defining being transgender as a mental illness,’ they said.

‘But the gender struggle does not end there.’

So they set out to rid the internet of the need to tick a box confirming your gender.

‘With Gender Free Internet we wish to give people all over the world respect and recognition by making it possible to surf the internet without being confronted with the discrimination of gender boxes,’ they said.

‘The future is gender free, and it starts with a Gender Free Internet.’

They quote a study, saying 50% of millenials see gender as a spectrum rather than the strict binary of male and female.

Getting the internet gender-free is easy, too. All you need is a free extension to your browser, which automatically erases a form’s question for your gender.

Right now, it is only available for Google Chrome.

And they also produced a funny little short film to drive home just how stupid asking someone for their gender online is.

It shows a number of people in different situations – at a coffee shop, getting a burger, or buying books.

Except they’re also asked whether they’re male of female, and their reactions speak for themselves.