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PM remains committed to full gay marriage rights

British government will push ahead with same-sex marriage bill despite religious and right-wingers

PM remains committed to full gay marriage rights

The British government will go ahead with plans for full gay marriage despite opposition from right-wingers and Christian homophobes, insiders have confirmed.

The Independent newspaper this morning quotes insiders at Number 10 Downing Street as insisting that Prime Minister David Cameron is still keen to go ahead despite the formation of an anti-gay Coalition for Marriage by former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey and the homophobic Christian Institute.

Some right-wing backbench Conservative MPs have backed Carey but, as Gay Star News reported yesterday, marriage equality still enjoys widespread political support, including from all three main Westminster party leaders.

The Independent reported a ‘senior source’ as saying of Conservative Prime Minister Cameron: ‘Nothing has changed on this as far as he is concerned. He is very passionate about this subject – it is something that has defined him.’

The government still plans to go ahead with a consultation next month which will look at how to give lesbian and gay couples marriage rights.

Britain’s leading gay campaign organization, Stonewall, published it’s own draft marriage bill earlier this month. They still believe that the legislation required is sufficiently simple that it could be included in the Queen’s Speech in May which sets out the government’s agenda.

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