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PokéDates is Pokémon Go meets Grindr and it actually exists

PokéDates is Pokémon Go meets Grindr and it actually exists

Now there is a game out for all those people who were obsessed with catching and training Pokémon as kids can now (sort of) do it in real life as adults, it’s no wonder people are starting to use it for dating.

PokéDates officially launched this week to enable singles everywhere to meet and hope to be they’ll be chosen as a fellow trainer through life.

Those interested in finding Pokémon together are matched based on a questionnaire about preferences.

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While the advertising has been pretty heteronormative, it does allow you to search as a gay or bisexual person.

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PokéDates then selects a match, finds a time based on members’ provided availability and selects a convenient PokeGym or PokeStop to meet.

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The first PokeDate is free, after which each date costs $20.

Started by Project Fixup, an offline dating website focused on in-person meetings. PokéDates says they ‘let you catch ’em all, together!’

But as everyone knows, LGBTI people are always ahead of the curve when it comes to these things.