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Poland honors Elton John as their savior from communism

Gay 65-year-old pop legend is to be awarded the Medal of Gratitude from Poland 

Poland honors Elton John as their savior from communism

Elton John will be presented with the Medal of Gratitude for his help in ‘bringing down communism’ on 7 July.

The legendary pop star will be awarded by Poland’s former president Lech Walsea at his concert in Sopot.

‘We award this to foreigners who helped Poland during its long struggle for freedom,’ said Magdalena Charkin-Jaszcza, of the European Solidarity Centre.

She added: ‘Elton John came here and gave us the support we needed when we were living in a police state where people were getting beaten up and killed like in George Orwell’s 1984.’

British newspaper The Daily Mail reported John was chosen for the award by Polish immigrant and gay rights activist Damian Domski.

During his concerts in Poland during the communist occupation, Elton John praised the independence movement which was illegal under the regime.

Domski told the Mail: ‘If I meet Sir Elton on Sunday all I want to do is shake his hand and say thanks.

‘He used his fame and influence at a very important moment for us in Poland. Solidarity activists were effectively being criminalised and he renewed their courage to keep going.’

The ‘Your Song’ singer is currently on a worldwide tour, playing in countries including the UK, France and Slovakia.  

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