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Polar vortex is not deterring gay New Yorkers from drinking iced coffee

Polar vortex is not deterring gay New Yorkers from drinking iced coffee

Gays and iced coffee? Yes, of course | Photo: City of New York

Everyone’s obsessed with this possibly gay New Yorker undeterred from drinking iced coffee.

It might be sub-zero temperatures. Snow and freezing gales might be coming in from all directions.

But it will not stop gays from drinking iced coffee.

The city of New York posted a hilarious tweet yesterday.

They said: ‘A New Yorker in the snow this afternoon carrying what seems like … iced coffee? #OnlyInNYC #BundleUpNYC.’

Corey Johnson, a city council member representing Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, immediately saw himself in him.

‘All I have to say is… what about it?’ he tweeted, alongside an Ariana Grande gif.

Many also said it’s not surprising that a gay man is drinking an ice cold caffeinated drink in the snow.

Iced coffee as a part of gay culture has been part of the lexicon for around two years.

It’s inspired viral memes, think pieces and videos on why the cool caffeinated beverage is a fave among the gays.

We’re not going to throw shade around for the guy drinking iced coffee in the snow. After all, it’s so cold, hot drinks are going to be cold by the time you’re a third done with it.

And, in all fairness, it could easily be a straight guy as well with a penchant for an iced drink. We don’t know if he’s gay or not.

But can we at least agree the guy should be wearing gloves?