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Police arrest abusive ‘sodomy video’ gays, claims Uganda tabloid

Sunday Pepper newspaper publishes salacious account of police arresting a ‘bum-shafting duo’ who allegedly lure young men into sex films

Police arrest abusive ‘sodomy video’ gays, claims Uganda tabloid

Ugandan police have allegedly arrested a gay couple on suspicion of getting young men to be videoed having gay sex with them.

The men were apparently caught after one of them, a 65-year-old British former banker, reported thieves who broke into his house.

The alleged thieves claimed they had never staged the break-in and instead had just turned him down for sex.

The Sunday Pepper newspaper, part of the homophobic Red Pepper group, published the claims yesterday (20 September).

But the report seems highly dubious given the paper’s reputation, the language used and claims made.

This included calling the ‘boyfriends’ the ‘bum-shafting duo’ and saying one of them has had so much anal sex he has to wear a nappy.

Although GSN has not been able to independently verify the claims, we are publishing the story to indicate the climate facing LGBT people in Uganda.

We have withheld the names of the accused to avoid exposing them to further publicity as we believe many or all the accusations against them may be false.

Sunday Pepper’s report, which is not available online but was on the front page of the print version, claims police in Entebbe arrested the men on Thursday (17 October).

The police were tipped off by ‘numerous complaints’ the two men ‘were involved in acts of sodomy’.

The men are said to be a 65-year-old British retired banking industry computer analyst, who is living in Uganda and his 30-year-old Ugandan boyfriend, according to the Sunday Pepper.

At least one of the complaints to police stemmed from two men, aged 25 and 30.

The 65-year-old claimed the two men broke into his house with iron bars and pliers and stole money, an ATM card, camera and computer equipment.

The pair are going to court but claim they never broke into his house and had merely refused to have anal sex with the ‘gay couple’, according to the Sunday Pepper.

The tabloid newspaper claims police searched the alleged gay couple’s house after ‘incessant petition for action’.

It quotes Entebbe Division Police Commander, Edgar Nyabongo, as saying: ‘We searched their house in Katabi zone and we managed to recover six CD players and a flash disc containing several recordings of sodomy videos and other nasty sexual acts.’

But the Sunday Pepper goes on to allege: ‘Police is investigating [sic] reports that the pair were recruiting young boys into sodomy, as well as blackmailing some of the sodomy victims who come out to complain about them after they have inflicted bum terror upon them.’

The paper claims the 30-year-old Ugandan boyfriend works for his 65-year-old partner recruiting ‘desperate boys’ from bars and beaches in Entebbe.

He lures them back to the house with promises of money, cars and houses.

His older partner then has sex with the ‘victims’ and videos it, the paper said.

A ‘source’ cited by the paper claims the younger man has already been rewarded with big gifts including a car, house and three plots of land in Entebbe, one of central Uganda’s main towns.

And the source goes on to make the unlikely claim ‘these pleasantries do not come on the cheap as the guy has to wear pampers like a kid’.

The Sunday Pepper’s obsession with gay anal sex, described in the most inaccurate and salacious way, is also indicated by another comment attributed to police commander Nyabongo.

He apparently told the paper that the British man wears a mental cockring and his younger partner would have to have his ‘shattered behind’ treated in hospital before he can be ‘paraded in court’.

Red Pepper and Sunday Pepper are known for their sensationalism, interest in scandal and frequent nudity.

In 2006, Red Pepper caused international anger by publishing a list of ‘known homosexuals’. But it has also angered the government, leading to the paper being raided and its offices occupied. It has subsequently been sold on the black market and its website has remained online.

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