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Police arrest five Ugandans, accuse them of trying to turn kids gay

Police arrest five Ugandans, accuse them of trying to turn kids gay

Five people have been arrested for ‘promoting’ homosexuality in northern Uganda.

The senior officer Pader Central Police Station, Romeo Ojara Onek, confirmed the arrest to the Monitor, and said they are investigating.

He said the among the suspects are two businessmen, one teacher, and two students.

Locals apparently accused the group of ‘promoting’ homosexuality in primary and secondary schools Pader district and ‘recruiting’ pupils and students to be homosexual.

But Ugandan LGBTI campaigner Edwin Sesange dismissed that claim. He said nobody was ‘promoting’ homosexuality or ‘recruiting’ people into being LGBTI and that to do so was impossible.

The new arrests coincide with a statement by the Ugandan Government claiming their Anti-Homosexuality Act has been misinterpreted and is not really anti-gay.

They claim it only aims to ‘stop promotion and exhibition of homosexual practices’.

The new statement was widely seen as a desperate bid by the government to win back aid from the west, cut because of their homophobia.

Sesange, director of the Africa LGBTI Out and Proud Diamond Group, said: ‘The government is trying to invent plots to back up their statement.

‘The government now is trying to play on the minds of Ugandans that homosexuals are trying to promote homosexuality. But nobody is promoting homosexuality.

‘We urge people in Uganda to be vigilant.’

Gay Star News sources in Uganda are trying to uncover more information about the arrests.