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Police arrest suspected homophobe in football clash

Police arrest suspected homophobe in football clash

Police in Brighton arrested eight people, including one for homophobic comments, after trouble sparked ahead of a football match.

Fans attending the Brighton and Hove Albion FC versus Portsmouth match clashed at the Sussex city's station on Saturday (10 March), The Argus reported.

Superintendent Simon Nelson said on Twitter: 'One now in our cells for homophobic comment. No place for it there or anywhere.'

He added others had been told to leave Brighton and Hove but were not arrested.

The arrests come weeks after The Football Association launched a new initiative to tackle homophobia among both players and fans.

Last week, Manchester United striker Federico Macheda was fined £15,000 for a homophobic tweet.

Newcastle forward Nile Ranger and Walsall’s Manny Smith admitted charges of the same offence and were ordered to pay £6,000 and £1,200 respectively.

West Ham's Ravel Morrison and ex-Leicester player Michael Ball have also recently been fined for similar incidents on Twitter.

Morrison was fined £7,000 for calling someone a ‘little faggot’, and Ball was forced to pay £6,000 for calling soap actor Anthony Cotton a ‘fucking queer’.