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Police hunting four people for brutally attacking gay man in Phoenix

Police hunting four people for brutally attacking gay man in Phoenix

Cesar Marin in Arizona uploaded this photo on Facebook (Photo: Facebook)

Police are searching for four people they suspect brutally beat a gay man in Phoenix, Arizona.

A surveillance video shows the faces of four people running from the scene of the attack, which occurred in April.

The victim, Cesar Marin, said he was driving his convertible when he stopped to let a woman cross the street. The woman stopped and looked at him, before calling him a slur. She then flicked a cigarette at his face.

Marin pulled over to find the burning cigarette butt. However, he was then ambushed and beaten.

Suspects in gay bashing in phoenix arizona
The suspects | Photo: Phoenix Police Department

Speaking to Fox 10, Marin said: ‘What they did was wrong, and frankly, I don’t know how anybody can live with themselves, knowing they hurt another human being like this.’

He added: ‘I think the motive was because I’m gay.’

Police are not labeling the incident as a hate crime. Instead they are wanted on charges of aggravated assault.

The suspects are described as a tall black female with long braided hair, a white female with light colored shoulder length hair, and two men with beards.

Previously, Marin believed as many as 10 people attacked him.

He uploaded a video to social media on 16 March talking about the incident: ‘Frankly, I don’t know why this happened. People don’t understand how much worse it is when the word faggot is thrown in there… People attacking you for something you just can’t control and something that wasn’t a choice.’

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