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Daily Mail article blamed for rising online hate against trans childrens charity

Daily Mail article blamed for rising online hate against trans childrens charity

Mermaids walking in Manchester Pride | Photo: Jamie Wareham/Gay Star News

The UK’s largest trans children’s charity Mermaids has seen a huge rise in online hate abuse over the last month.

Police in West Yorkshire are now investigating the stream of hateful comments.

Speaking to GSN just three weeks ago, CEO Susie Green said they were blocking three profiles a day. Now the Guardian reports this has risen to as many as 20 a day.

The charity attends many local pride events to hold stalls and walk in the parade, including this weekend’s Manchester Pride. They find even at these festivals people accuse them of trying to ‘convert’ young people.

Replicated online, the kind of messages they receive include suggesting their CEO of ‘chemically castrating’ her daughter.

Other tweets describe Mermaids UK as a ‘dangerous cult.’ Some say staff plan to ‘groom gay kids.’

Mermaids have put the rise down to negative media coverage about trans people in the last month.

Not least the focus on Trump’s ‘trans troop ban,’ in particular they cite an article in the Mail on Sunday.

Credit: Daily Mail Online

With the headline, ‘How 800 children as young as 10 have been given sex change drugs,’ the article explores puberty blockers.

Describing the drugs as ‘controversial’ it explains how the ‘powerful monthly hormone injections stop the development of sex organs, breasts, and body hair, making it easier for doctors to carry out sex-swap surgery later.’

Before going on to quote Mary Douglas, the grassroots conservative campaigner with a history of opposing LGBTI rights.

Many came out in support of the UK charity writing supportive messages on social media.

Anti bullying campaigner Paris Lees called the work Mermaids does ‘vital’:

Head of trans inclusion at UK LGBT charity Stonewall also posted a string of tweets about why their work is important:

Rise in transphobic trolling is global

The UK charity Mermaids is not alone in seeing a rise of hate since Trump’s troop ban.

The Trevor Project who are a crisis and intervention service in the US focusing on LGBTI youth have been seeing a dramatic increase in crisis contacts from transgender youth.

‘We were originally seeing uptakes from Texas as a result of the bathroom ban,’ CEO Amit Paley tells GSN. ‘Then we saw more nationally after the President’s “trans troops would not be allowed to be in the military” tweets.’

The UK takes online trolling very seriously. Just last week new Crown Prosecution Service guidance said the impact of tweets is just as ‘devastating’ as being shouted at.

As part of this, the UK’s CPS will be seeking tougher sentences for online style hate crimes including trolling.

UK ‘trolling’ hate crimes include bisexuals for first time