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Polish man wins case against supermarket for anti-gay discrimination

A court in Gorzow Wiekopolski, Poland, has ordered a supermarket to pay a former employee damages for anti-gay discrimination

Polish man wins case against supermarket for anti-gay discrimination

Netto, a Danish-owned supermarket chain, was instructed to pay former till-attendant Ireneusz Muzalski 18,000 zloty (€ 4,400  US$ 5,770), as well as court costs.

Muzalski, a 44 year-old man, was employed at the Netto branch in Slubice, lying on Poland’s border with Germany, reported Radio Poland.

According to him, his manager subjected him to continuous anti-gay verbal abuse.

Forty-four year old Muzalski had been employed at a branch of Netto in Slubice, which lies on Poland’s border with Germany.

He reported to the Gazeta Wyborcza daily that ‘He called me a male bitch and a whore in front of fellow employees and customers.

‘He asked how it was possible that the firm employed such a faggot… and in the end he fired me’

His former manager denied in court that Muzalski had been sacked because of his sexuality.

Monika Wieczorek, a lawyer who represents the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law (PTPA), says that the ruling is significant.

She noted: ‘The sum of compensation is one of the highest that Polish courts have granted to victims of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

‘And he is one few such winners.

‘Victims rarely seek justice in the courts.’

On 1 January 2011, Poland passed a law on equal treatment which prohibits sexual orientation discrimination in employment.

The Polish Constitution guarantees equality in accordance with law and prohibits discrimination based on ‘any reason’, which also arguably covers sexual orientation, although this has not been tested in the courts.