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Polish schools cancel their LGBT tolerance day due to government pressure

Polish schools cancel their LGBT tolerance day due to government pressure

Pride in Warsaw, Poland

More than 200 schools in Poland today (26 October) planned to participate in Rainbow Friday, a day meant to promote acceptance for LGBTI students.

Due to government pressure, however, several schools dropped out of the event.

Campaign Against Homophobia, a civil rights group in the country initially planned the day. According to Private broadcaster TVN, schools pulled out following criticism of the day.

Anna Zalewska, the education minister, allegedly threatened school principals with negative consequences if their schools participated. She also reportedly told parents to report any such activities as well.

Growing hardships for LGBTI community

Recently in Poland, other LGBTI events have also been threatened with cancellation and protests.

Earlier this month, the mayor of Lublin requested the city’s Pride march to not take place. Despite this, the city did hold its first ever Pride march, even as violent counter-protests also took place.

Defense minister Mariusz Blaszczak called an August Pride parade in Poznan a parade of ‘sodomites’. He further said it was full of attendees ‘trying to impose their own interpretation of civic rights on other people’.

Poland continues to struggle with some LGBTI rights. The country does not legally recognize same-sex couples, nor can they adopt.

Organizations like Campaign Against Homophobia are trying to change this. Founders created it in Warsaw in 2001.

Together with Lambda Warszawa Association, the oldest LGBT organization in the country, they make up the oldest non-governmental organizations of this nature in Poland. The two groups often work together on such events, such as Warsaw Pride.

GSN reached out to Campaign Against Homophobia for further comment.

H/t: Washington Post

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