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This political candidate believes plastic in drinking water turns people gay

This political candidate believes plastic in drinking water turns people gay

Susan King plastic

A Liberal Democrat candidate suggested plastic residue and ‘feminizing hormones’ in drinking water is turning people gay.

Susan King is seeking election in the Telford seat in England, and was asked about the Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron’s views on homosexuality.

Weeks ago, Farron continually refused to state whether he thought homosexuality is a sin, then King went on a bizarre tangent defending him.

‘I do feel environmental influences are affecting reproduction,’ she told the Shropshire Star.

‘All the pollution is having an effect on our DNA and our population is changing and evolving. There are a lot of feminising hormones getting into the environment and that has to be taken into consideration.

‘It’s affecting people’s sexuality basically. People are at liberty to interpret how they want to live themselves,’ she said.

She then broke it down, providing scientific evidence for her claims on plastic.

‘Phthalates, the chemicals used in making plastics, children’s toys are affected,’ King said.

‘Everything that’s getting into the environment is disrupting the way industrialisation has changed our living conditions, residues of all sorts of feminizing hormones in the water supply from pharmaceutical etc which is affecting gender of fish stock etc.’

King, who has stood twice before in Leicestershire, was then asked if she thought that was having an effect on people’s sexuality.

‘I do,’ she responded.

‘I’ve done a lot of research connected with water quality, and that is where I gained my political and media experience,’ she said.

In response to her claims, Labour candidate Kuldip Sahota said he was ‘horrified and saddened’ that King had made ‘these harmful comments about people’s sexuality.’

He continued: ‘To suggest that our water supply is affecting people’s sexuality is absolutely unacceptable.

‘This is a damaging statement and I strongly condemn these comments.

‘This is not the first time the Lib Dems have been out of touch on LGBT issues. The Lib Dems have clearly chosen an out of touch candidate who’s basic understanding is both warped and harmful.

‘She should apologize immediately,’ he said.

‘Gay sex is not a sin’

When asked if he thought gay sex was a sin, practising Christian, Tim Farron, refused to answer several times.

He eventually relented, and said that he did not think gay sex was a sin but the damage had already been done.

However, in a radio interview yesterday (2 June), Farron again refused to reiterate his position on gay sex.

When asked by a radio caller named Gary, he said: ‘We’re not going there – my personal faith is my personal faith. I dealt with that weeks ago.’

When pressed on the issue, he reiterated: ‘I’ve already answered that – let’s move on.’

Watch the full exchange: