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Political party posts ‘gay ghost’ and it’s the cutest homophobic image ever

Political party posts ‘gay ghost’ and it’s the cutest homophobic image ever

Is this the cutest right-wing hate meme in the world?

Has the internet discovered the cutest homophobic image ever?

It’s all thanks to a homophobic political party which attempted to create a meme that has backfired spectacularly.

Before the Spanish election, Vox shared a meme that used an image of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

In the original image, it shows the hero facing down an army of orcs.

But in this version, it shows the logo of the Abascal party and the flag of Spain.

Cutest homophobic image ever?

The orcs then represent the feminist symbol, the hammer and sickle, the Republican flag, media logos and one other.

That other image is of a ghost that’s painted with the rainbow colors.

Many now believe this homophobic right-wing political party is now very afraid of cute gay ghosts.

Dozens of accounts have now taken the symbol. Some tweets have reached hundreds of thousands of people.

One said: ‘The left won by a lot and the fascists are super pissed.

‘And they have created a mascot to try to represent how “bad’ the LGBT is.

‘And it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.’

The original image was designed on the old ghost emoji on Android phones.

Spanish website Verne found the image originates from a designer named Baiiley, who sells mugs, stickers and T-shirts with the design on Redbubble.

The ghost has been given the nickname ‘Gaysper’.

It’s not the first time the LGBTI community has co-oped an offensive image.

German Nazis originally used the Pink Triangle to identify LGBTI people during World War II to send to concentration camps.

But then activists reclaimed it in the 1970s. Even the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) used it in the 1980s-era ‘Silence=Death’ campaign.

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