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Poll: 71% of Taiwan supports marriage equality

Poll: 71% of Taiwan supports marriage equality

Taiwan could become first Asian country to pass same-sex marriage

A new poll has found 71% of Taiwanese people support gay marriage but the government said it would have to wait.

More than 200,000 people voted in the ministry of justice’s online poll, which was conducted from August to October.

The results, released last week, showed that 59% of respondents approve legislation allowing gay couples to establish ‘marriage-like’ relations, 55% oppose the proposed ‘Same-sex Partnership Act’ (similar to civil unions), while 71% support full marriage equality.

Despite the clear results, the ministry said it worried that ‘rushing legislation would result in social confrontation,’ and therefore still intended to phase in legislation – the first step being the ‘Same-sex Partnership Act.’

The law, which is still being drafted, will extend rights similar to a ‘marital relationship’ to gay couples.

The justice ministry’s legal affairs director, Lin Hsiu-lian, said there was no timetable for when the law would be published.

She added that because the poll was conducted online, the results were not representative of the entire population and therefore could not be used as a basis for policy, only as a reference.

Either way, it shows much progress from 2013 when only 53% of Taiwanese people supported gay marriage.