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Poll reveals most important issues for gay US voters

One in five LGBT voters say they would vote for Mitt Romney if he shared the same views on gay rights as Barack Obama

Poll reveals most important issues for gay US voters

A new poll has revealed the most important issues for gay voters in the upcoming US election.

In a new survey released today by LogoTV, the most important issue for LGBT voters was the economy (18%), followed by unemployment/jobs (14%), ‘gay rights in general’ came fourth with 9% while just 6% said same-sex marriage was the top priority.

While 67% of LGBT people polled said they would vote to re-elect Barack Obama, one out of five said they’d be more likely to vote for Mitt Romney if he held the same positions on gay issues as the president.

In other statistics, 49% of the general population would be more likely to vote for a candidate if he supported legislation to prevent bullying of LGBT youth.

And 41% would favor a political official who would continue to allow LGBT people to serve openly in the US military.

According to The Huffington Post, Dr. Kenneth Sherrill of New York’s Hunter College praised the findings, saying it documented a ‘political transformation of epic proportions.’

He said: ‘LGBT rights are no longer a wedge issue in American politics.

‘Instead, support for LGBT rights is now a mainstream position and candidates stand to benefit from their support for LGBT rights.’

For the survey, Logo officials asked a total of 1,367 US voters ‘reflecting the broader American electorate’ and 1,190 self-identified LGBT voters.

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