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This queer student explains polyamory is ‘all about love’

This queer student explains polyamory is ‘all about love’

Ella explaining her polyamorous relationship

Queer student Ella explains her polyamorous relationship is ‘all about the love.’

GSN sat down with her to chat about being polyam, dating and the stigma that surrounds being polyamorous.

Her polyamorous relationship started a year and a half ago.

Ella explains: ‘We met a girl we’ve been friends with for a long time, and it all just kind of clicked.

‘We ended up in a relationship together. That came very naturally.’

Franklin Veaux created polyamory resource website More Than Two in 1997.

He has also written a book about polyamory by the same name.

Here, polyamory is defined as: ‘The state or practice of maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of all the people involved.’

Ella says a common misconception about dating and being polyamorous is that ‘we’re all cheaters and we’re all not in invested relationships, it’s just to get further.’

Luckily though she doesn’t face this stigma often.

Ella is a university student an says thankfully most of her classmates are ‘quite liberal.’

She adds: ‘They’re like “Oh cool you’re polyamorous. How does that work? Are your boyfriend and girlfriend nice?”‘

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