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Poo dumped on the doorstep of couple who support same-sex marriage

Poo dumped on the doorstep of couple who support same-sex marriage

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A Sydney couple was shocked to find poo on their doorstep and their letterbox defaced because they supported marriage equality.

Fiona Winning and Harley Stumm painted their letterbox in rainbow colours and the word ‘yes’ to show their support for same-sex marriage.

They did so during Australia’s current national postal survey on the issue. Australians are participating in a non-binding postal survey on whether the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry.

But their support was rewarded with a pile of dog poo left on their doorstep. Their letterbox was defaced with black spray paint.

But the prominent Sydnesiders – Winning is Sydney Festival’s head of programming –  refused to be intimidated by the attack.

They put a sign up on their front fence challenging the alleged vandals to a conversation about marriage equality.

‘If you don’t like our letterbox — make your own. Please don’t deface ours or put poo on our doorstep.’ the sign says.

‘We invite you to knock on our door and chat about why we say yes and you say no.’

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The message to vandals who dumped poo on a couple’s doorstep Photo:

Make your own statement

Winning shared stories of other people who were either too scared to show their support for marriage equality or who also had their property vandalized.

‘All these people have to do is make a statement of their own,’ she told

‘We had a man from [the same] street tell us how he had a rainbow flag at the church cut down and burnt down.

‘We had a beautiful letter from a woman who said she was really sorry to see our note, and that she has been too afraid to put up a rainbow flag because she has a small child.’

Winning said the couple was happy to be strong allies and stand up for the LGBTI community.

‘In some ways we were happy to take the heat. What’s happening to us as allies is nothing,’ she said.

‘For LGBTIQ people, for them these small acts of hate are bringing up past terrible experiences they went through growing up LGBTIQ.’