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Pope will have lunch date with gay, trans prisoners

Pope will have lunch date with gay, trans prisoners

Pope Francis will have a lunch date with 10 gay and trans prisoners this Saturday (21 March).

The head of the Catholic Church will visit a local prison in Naples, planning to break bread with 90 inmates including a contingent reserved for LGBTIs and those living with HIV and AIDS.

It is being reported the visit was not intended to include lunch, according to TV2000, but the pope apparently insisted on breaking bread with the prisoners.

The 90 were chosen by lottery from among 1,900 inmates across three prisons, according to the Vatican Insider website.

Anna Maria Esposito, the head of the prison ministry, has said the lunch will be very simple, even ‘frugal’, because the pope wants to take time to meet each prisoner individually.

The lunch will be cooked by the inmates.

Pope Francis made international headlines when he asked, regarding gay people, ‘Who am I to judge?’

But he has also made bigoted comments, such as suggesting transgender people are comparable to nuclear weapons.