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Popstar A-mei celebrates gay rights at Singapore gig

Popstar A-mei celebrates gay rights at Singapore gig

Taiwanese popstar A-mei showed her support for gay rights at a concert in Singapore last Saturday 26 January.

The singer, who has been recording music since 1996 and is extremely popular in the Mandarin-speaking world, waved a rainbow flag and said love all around whether it’s man-man, woman-woman or man-woman.

While A-mei sang her song Cai Hong (meaning rainbow) a camera zoomed in on couples in the crowd, showing them on a big screen on stage. When the camera focused on gay couple there were loud cheers from the audience.

A-mei is well-known as a champion of gay rights. She has been a Rainbow Ambassador to Taiwan Pride since 2007 and she was one of the first celebrities to sign TAPCPR’s petition for same-sex marriage.

During her current ‘AMeiZing’ world tour the singer is selling rainbow flags to raise money for a support group for people living with HIV/AIDs and their families, Taiwan Lourdes Association.

Gay rights are in the news in Singapore at the moment with a court challenge to Section 377A, the law that criminalizes gay sex. The prime minister said yesterday the law exists ‘because it’s always been there and I think we’ll just leave it’.

Watch a video of A-mei showing support for gay rights at Singapore Indoor Stadium here: