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Pose creator Steven Canals cutely reacts to show’s Golden Globe nominations

Pose creator Steven Canals cutely reacts to show’s Golden Globe nominations

Steven Canals with Janet Mock

Writer Steven Canals couldn’t believe it when he found out Pose received two Golden Globe nominations today (6 December).

He co-created Pose alongside Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, televized on FX. It tells the story of young queer, transgender people of color coming together during the New York ballroom scene in the 1990s.

Canals decided to record his reaction to the live announcement of the Golden Globe Awards, to see if the show picked anything up.

And sure enough, it got two nominations – one for Best Television Series and the other for actor Billy Porter for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series.

‘Good morning,’ he said in Twitter video. ‘It’s early as hell o’clock and I’m up because the Golden Globe announcements are today.

‘I always wake up early to hear the announcements of the Globes and the Oscars because I love an awards show. I’m committed because I want to hear these Golden Globe nominations!’

He then posted two videos in a thread underneath his first video listening to the nominations:

Janet Mock: ‘There would be no Pose without Steven Canals’

Steven Canals then tweeted: ‘When I wrote the 1st draft of @PoseOnFX in 2014m I had one goal: for Black, Brown, Trans and Queer people to see themselves centered positively in mainstream media.

‘Who knew it would lead to this kind of recognition,’ he wrote.

Then Janet Mock tweeted: ‘I LOVE THIS MAN. There would be no nomination, no Pose, without @StevenCanals’ tenacity and audacity to ensure we were SEEN in that very first script he wrote as a grad student.’

He responded: ‘Girl, you already know… thank you for putting your finger print on this show, and leaving an indelible impression on my heart. Love you.’

The show is coming back for a second season.

See our full round-up of LGBTI Golden Globe nominees.

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