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Postcards: Sandcastles in New York

Postcards: Sandcastles in New York

Sometimes the cliché is true: a single picture can say a thousand words.

In our ‘Postcards’ feature, Gay Star Travel shares readers’ favorite travel experiences through one memorable photo.

Gay Star Travel editor Jean Paul Zapata sends us this photo from New York.

‘This was one of my favorite moments of my last summer in New York before moving to London,’ he writes.

‘I went to the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in Queens with my friend and her two kids. Her son and I started playing in a sandbox that was part of the art exhibit, and next thing I knew a crowd of kids joined in. An attendant eventually came by and asked us to stop, but it was refreshing to be able to act like a kid, even if for a few minutes. I miss those moments.’

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