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Posters across India call for gay people to face death penalty

Posters across India call for gay people to face death penalty

As millions of LGBTI’s sex lives in India have become illegal, one group is calling for all of these people to be killed.

The Indian National Party, a far-right Muslim group, has printed posters and leaflets and distributed them across the country.

It calls for capital punishment for gay sex, as well as the arrests of any person who fights for LGBTI equality.

‘In the name of all mighty God,’ a translator told us the poster, which was spotted in Madurai – the third largest city in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu, reads.

‘OH! The Government of India! Give up legalizing homosexuality by law in the name of individual independence.

‘Change the punishment of life imprisonment for homosexuality to capital punishment.

‘OH! The Government of Tamil Nadu! Arrest the Cultural Terror Mongers who fight for homosexuality.’

On the poster, it also includes a quote that reads ‘if a society does not destroy the evils in it, it will inevitably bear its consequences’.

Speaking to Gay Star News, an Indian gay rights activist who wished to remain anonymous said: ‘This is only the beginning.

‘With the Supreme Court saying we are criminal with Section 377, more gay people are facing death threats by the day.

‘I have heard of at least a dozen homophobic violent attacks in Delhi alone since we were recriminalized.

‘And with the Indian National Party calling for our deaths, who knows what will happen now?

‘We just have to keep fighting on.’

On 15 December, the world joined with India for a Global Day Of Rage against the Supreme Court’s decision.