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Premier League clubs take a stand with Rainbow Laces campaign

Premier League clubs take a stand with Rainbow Laces campaign

A footballer sports rainbow laces produced by LGBT advocacy group Stonewall Premier

Soccer clubs in the UK’s Premier League sported rainbow colors in a show of support for LGBTI inclusion in sports.

The Rainbow Laces campaign is part of an initiative by LGBTI rights group Stonewall, which aims to ‘make sport everyone’s game’.

The campaign is particularly pertinent in British soccer, where homophobia has been rampant for years.

‘Make Sport Everyone’s Game!’

Stonewall kicked off the Rainbow Laces initiative last month. A number of top clubs have come out to support it.

Clubs, including Chelsea and Arsenal, gave their logos a rainbow twist in their Twitter profiles.

Manchester City posted on Twitter that ‘We’re proud to support @Stonewalluk’s Campaign.’

City’s skipper Fernandinho sported a rainbow captain’s armband during the team’s 3-1 victory over Bournemouth on Saturday (1 December).

Not all clubs have embraced the campaign as wholeheartedly.

On Saturday, fans and commentators called out Manchester United for not changing their Twitter profile image as the other clubs had done.

Stonewall at Wembley

Wembley Stadium hosted a non-league match between Stonewall FC and the Wilberforce Wanderers as part of the campaign yesterday.

‘To see Stonewall FC run out at Wembley was inspiring,’ said Stonewall’s Director of Sport, Kirsty Clarke told the BBC.

‘The fixture also sends a powerful message to LGBT people as it demonstrates that the FA are committed to working to ensure everyone is accepted within the football family.’

Stonewall won the match 3-1.

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