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President Obama’s support of gay marriage quickly leads to spike in fundraising and enthusiasm

President Obama’s support of gay marriage quickly leads to spike in fundraising and enthusiasm

US President Barack Obama will be having dinner at George Clooney’s home in Los Angeles tonight (10 May) at a star-studded event that is expected to raise $15 million for his reelection campaign.

With his public support of gay marriage this week, Obama arrives a hero to an energized political base that includes Hollywood heavy-hitters like Clooney, Barbra Streisand, Rob Reiner and Glee creator Ryan Murphy, among others.

Legendary television producer Norman Lear, creator of such classic shows as All in the Family and Maude, will not be at the Clooney fundraiser. But the famous liberal is so impressed with Obama’s marriage evolution that he has donated to the campaign.

Lear told the The New York Times: ‘This is the kind of leadership we support, and we are happy to max out today to his re-election campaign.’

Murphy has now agreed to host a fundraiser for Obama on June 6 – the same night as an LGBT gala and concert benefiting the campaign will be held in Beverly Hills. Sales of tickets for the gala – featuring singer Pink – have ‘skyrocketed’ in recent days, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But coming up first is an LGBT fundraiser in New York City on Monday to be hosted by Ricky Martin at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. Martin applauded Obama’s move on Twitter this week and said: ‘I will be a very proud host on Monday.’

Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar winning screenwriter and LGBT activist, says he hopes to be at the Murphy event, something he had not even considered prior to Obama’s embrace of marriage equality this week.

‘I’m doing all I can to clear my schedule so I can go,’ said Black who posted a link on his blog for people to donate to Obama’s reelection campaign.

‘We have made strong and necessary demands and … it is clear the President has heard us,’ Black writes. ‘Now, the importance of supporting our President come November cannot be overstated. The stakes could not be higher. We must immediately make our thanks evident with our voices, our sweat and tears, and our check books.’


Obama will return to Southern California next month where Glee creator Ryan Murphy will be hosting a fundraising dinner to raise even more millions.