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Trump accidentally references LGBTI film in social media rant

Trump accidentally references LGBTI film in social media rant

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump took to Twitter last night (17 December) to rant about the current woes of the world.

But during his Twitter tirade, he made an accidental reference to iconic LGBTI film, Paris Is Burning.

Donald Trump tweeted: ‘The DEDUCTIBLE which comes with ObamaCare is so high that it is practically not even useable! Hurts families badly. We have a chance, working with the Democrats, to deliver great HealthCare! A confirming Supreme Court Decision will lead to GREAT HealthCare results for Americans!

Trump then wrote: ‘It is incredible that with a very strong dollar and virtually no inflation, the outside world blowing up around us, Paris is burning and China way down, the Fed is even considering yet another interest rate hike. Take the Victory!’

Tweet from President Donald Trump
Tweet from President Donald Trump. | Photo: Twitter

In response to the tweet, Winter Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy tweeted: ‘Accidentally mentioning Paris Is Burning is the closest that Trump has ever gotten to supporting LGBTQ people.’

It also prompted social media users to react in defensiveness and confusion.

One tweeted: ‘Take PARIS IS BURNING out of your damn mouth.’

Another wrote: ‘You know NOTHING about Paris is Burning.’

Paris Is Burning is a 1990 American documentary film about ball and ‘house’ culture in New York. It centres the experience of young black and minority ethnic LGBTI people.

The film massively influenced RuPaul’s Drag Race, the future ballroom scene as well as drag and gay vernacular. It is where slang like ‘shade’, ‘realness’ and even ‘purse first’ originates.

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