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‘Pretty good for 73’: Film icon John Waters discusses sex life

‘Pretty good for 73’: Film icon John Waters discusses sex life

John Waters

Queer icon John Waters has opened up about sex in your 70s.

In fact, the director of classic films like Pink Flamingos and Hairspray says in his latest interview, ‘My sex life’s pretty good for 73-years-old.’

The star, who also directed classics like Cry-Baby and Multiple Maniacs addressed the subject in an interview with Vulture.

‘I’m certainly not going to a sex club now’

Asked ‘Do you feel like your sexual appetites have changed over the years?’ he replied: ‘It’s the exact opposite of today.’

He furthermore explained: ‘When I was young, free love came out in the 60s. Today you need a lawyer to ask somebody for a date. So I have lived in the two most extreme ends of sexual manners.’

He went on: ‘But I’ve adapted to the times, always. I’m certainly not going to a sex club now. I would be recognized. I’d have to be doing selfies. Part of a sex club was that it was anonymous, and that would be almost impossible for me. I did all that. I don’t need to do it again.’

As well as his movies, John was a guest judge on season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

John also reflected on the AIDS crisis in the interview, saying:’People aren’t even scared about it anymore, which is even scarier. Half my friends died of AIDS: you can’t ever get over that in your life.’

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