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Shop’s Pride gnomes send ‘offended’ man into ‘highly aggressive’ rage

Shop’s Pride gnomes send ‘offended’ man into ‘highly aggressive’ rage

Asda rainbow gnomes

A shop’s Pride gnomes caused a man to go into a ‘highly aggressive’ rage.

The unidentified man entered the Estover branch Asda store in Plymouth, England at around 5pm on Saturday (29 June).

According to a witness, the man began shouting at shop staff, saying the rainbow-themed gnomes ‘offended’ him.

Staff then called the police, reports the Plymouth Herald.

‘Highly aggressive’ shopper

When police arrived on the scene, they said the angry shopper was ‘abusive and loud’ so they asked him to leave the scene.

A witness to the incident said: ‘The guy started saying random things like it’s a gnome [and] it’s offended him as they don’t have a sexuality.

‘I’m assuming the guy was offended as they look like they have a gender, that’s the bit I caught of the situation,’ the witness said.

A spokesperson confirmed the man was ‘highly aggressive’ and furthermore said: ‘We don’t accept threatening or abusive behaviour towards colleagues or customers.’

Asda introduced the ‘special rainbow’ gnomes in 2017, as part of a Pride collection.

They wrote on Facebook at the time: ‘We’re proud to be supporting Pride events across the country this summer.’

A spokesperson confirmed the 2017 gnomes are the same ones from the incident on Saturday.

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