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Pride in London gives queer history lesson in this emotional TV ad

Pride in London gives queer history lesson in this emotional TV ad

Actors for the Pride in London ad.

Only a few weeks away from the parade, Pride in London has released their annual TV ad. And this year it’s a queer history lesson no LGBTI person or ally should ever forget.

This year’s theme for Pride in London will be Pride Jubilee, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Half a century after that fateful night in New York City, the LGBTI community in the UK reflects on the fight for equality.

Pride Jubilee

From Stonewall to the AIDS crisis to the fierce battle against Section 28 up until marriage equality, Pride in London ad condenses all the pivotal moments that shaped the community.

The video ends on a hopeful note, highlighting the protest element which so many Prides seem to have lost over the years.

A lot more needs to include underrepresented parts of the LGBTI ensemble, such as the trans and non-binary and the bi+ communities. And we shouldn’t forget LGBTI people persecuted in other parts of the world, such as Chechnya and Brunei.

Pride in London reflects on the milestones of the LGBTI community

Pride in London worked with an all-LGBTI cast for the film, as well as using actual historical news audio and footage to add authenticity.

What’s more, the community itself chose the key moments that have made Pride what it is today.

Earlier this year, Pride in London put out an open call to nominate the stories and landmark events to include in the film. The moments that came up the most were then used as the basis of the video.

  • 28 June 1969 – Queer people of color lead the Stonewall riots, rising up against continued oppression by the police and society in general
  • 1 July 1972 – The first official UK Gay Pride Rally takes place in London
  • 1980s – London is hit by the AIDS crisis, with thousands diagnosed with HIV
  • 9 April 1987 – Princess Diana opens the UK’s first unit for the treatment of HIV patients, shaking the hands of AIDS patients without gloves
  • 9 October 1987 – Margaret Thatcher delivers anti-gay speech at Conservative Party Conference, setting the foundations for Section 28
  • 23 May 1988 – Lesbian activists storm the 6 O’Clock News to protest the enactment of Section 28
  • 12 January 2000 – Lesbian, gay and bisexual people can openly serve in the British Army
  • 30 November 2000 – Equal age of consent for homosexual couples is finally passed after being blocked multiple times by the House of Lords
  • 17 July 2013 – Same-sex marriage becomes legal in England and Wales
  • 2019 – As anti-trans protestors continue to hijack Pride events globally, the fight for trans rights continues

Where to watch the Pride in London ad

Viewers in the UK can catch The Pride Jubilee film on Channel 4 today (21 June) at 20:58 between The Crystal Maze and Celebrity Gogglebox.

Pride in London will also post the ad on social media ahead of tonight.

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