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Priest asks man to engage in gay Judas sexual fantasy, gets betrayed

He attempted to seduce a young straight man over Facebook

Priest asks man to engage in gay Judas sexual fantasy, gets betrayed

When an Italian priest asked a man to be his Judas in his sexual fantasy, this is probably not what he had in mind.

Around six months ago, an unnamed labourer claims he was having a difficult time after losing his job and had been posting about his troubles on Facebook.

The 32-year-old, from Rovigo in north-east Italy, said when he was contacted by a Taranto priest he thought that it could be a divine signal.

‘I thought it could have been a sign from heaven, I needed spiritual help,’ he told Corriere della Sera.

But then shortly after he started receiving guidance from the preacher, he claims the priest revealed he was gay and began making sexual advances towards him.

Not wanting to lose his spiritual guide, he continued talking to him as the requests got more intimate.

The priest told him he wanted the labourer to be his Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, in his sexual fantasy.

‘He told me he was excited looking at my photos and asked me to send an intimate photo,’ the man claimed.

‘I did do everything. His fantasy was that I was Judas Iscariot and, since I had betrayed Jesus, I had to pay. He wanted me to become his slave.’

The pair also had a video conversation on Skype, during which the priest was allegedly naked.

The labourer claims he did not welcome the advances, saying he’s not gay. But the priest had also told him he liked young guys, and that ‘he could do anything for them, also help them to buy clothes, mobiles phones and recharge costs’. The priest also convinced the labourer to leave his girlfriend.

‘We trusted each other,’ the labourer said. ‘He said he would help me, he said he would help me find a job.’

But it went too far, the 32-year-old added, and he decided to be the priest’s Judas for real. He betrayed him to the church authorities, and following an investigation, the priest was defrocked last week.

A church spokesperson said the preacher’s actions were ‘morally reprehensible’ and ‘abolutely not compatible’ with priesthood.

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