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Primark launches its Pride line for 2019, but has it learnt its lesson?

Primark launches its Pride line for 2019, but has it learnt its lesson?

Primark x Pride

Fast fashion retailer Primark is launching their annual Pride today (10 May) range just ahead of Pride season.

Expect rainbows slapped on t-shirts and anything else can make an affordable Pride outfit you won’t be afraid to destroy while partying.

The limited edition collection includes a 27-piece full range plus a 4-piece t-shirt capsule range which will be available in selected Primark stores across the summer months.

Fast fashion giant was criticized over last year’s range

Primark got under fire last year when it was revealed that their Pride range was made in countries where being LGBTI equality hasn’t been reached yet.

Turkey was among these countries. LGBTI advocacy group Stonewall, who benefited from the range, eventually admitted the deal with Primark was a bad one.

‘Thankfully it seems Primark are among those retailers who’ve learnt their lesson,’ says EuroPride’s Steve Taylor.

‘Their new Pride range launching today is produced in Portugal, India and China and, whilst the last two of these have poor records on LGBTI equality, advances in recent months – including decriminalisation of homosexuality in India – are firm steps in the right direction.’

Primark to donate to ILGA

This year, Primark has partnered with ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) World in support of their work as an international advocate for LGBTI rights.

Primark will donate €175,000 (£150,000/$195,000) to ILGA World. The donation will help conduct research compelling governments to repeal discriminatory legislation.

The retailer have also announced that they’ll be supporting Reading Pride in England, and Dublin Pride in Ireland. Primark has a large office presence in both cities.

Take a look at the new limited edition here.

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