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Principal tells trans student: ‘Be a prom queen not a king’

Principal tells trans student: ‘Be a prom queen not a king’

A transgender student, denied the chance to run for prom king, was allegedly placed on the queen ballot by his principal.

Isaak Wolfe, 18, a senior at Red Lion Area Senior High School in Pennsylvania, says his school principal Mark Shue put his birth name on the ballot for prom queen.

‘If I would have known they would’ve done that, I probably would have opted out,’ Wolfe told the York Daily Record. ‘What bothers me the most if they never told me.

Wolfe says he was ‘humiliated’ because he had handed out prom king fliers campaigning for the title.

‘For a transgender person, it is degrading to have that, and I wasn’t even warned,’ Wolfe told The York Dispatch.

‘I wasn’t given a fair opportunity. I mean, if I don’t win, I don’t win but I’m not a queen.’

Wolfe says he has had nothing but positive interactions with the principal up until that point, but he said: ‘I just think he made a very, very bad decision.’

A petition now has over 2,000 signatures aiming to get Wolfe’s name on the prom king ballot as well as his chosen name read at graduation.

Gay Star News has reached out to Red Lion Area High School but has not yet received a response.

In a written statement, the superintendent Scott Deisley declined to comment saying it would be best for the safety and well being of Red Lion students to ‘respect our privacy in this matter’.

Voting for the prom has now ended, with the prom king and queen to be announced at the event on Saturday (27 April).