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Pro-life group urges UK schools to oppose gay marriage

Pro-life group urges UK schools to oppose gay marriage

A pro-life group is urging secondary schools in England and Wales to oppose the government’s gay marriage bill, saying it will lead to the ‘sexualisation’ of children.

In a letter sent to headteachers, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) warns that the legalization of equal marriage would ‘undermine the true nature of marriage’ which is to procreate.

The group, which opposes abortion, assisted suicide and some forms of birth control, claims the introduction of the bill will force teachers to ‘promote homosexual activity’ to children.

It also claims staff who object to same-sex marriage will be sacked if they don’t teach it.

The letter reads: ‘We are currently writing to every state-maintained secondary school in England and Wales to highlight the position of schools regarding proposals to legalise same-sex marriage, which we believe will further sexualise children and teenagers and further encourage the spread of sexually explicit material in schools.

‘We urge all schools to oppose proposals to legalise same-sex marriage. It is important to recognise that the equal marriage proposals will have a real, significant and disturbing impact on your school and therefore it is essential that schools express their concerns about these proposals.’

‘There is no question that schools will be required to teach pupils about same-sex marriage,’ the group added.

‘Schools are already clearly mandated to teach pupils about marriage. The Education Act 1996, Section 403, states that where sex education is delivered in state-maintained schools pupils must be taught about “the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and the bringing up of children.”

‘If the nature of marriage is redefined to include people of the same sex, pupils will have to be taught about this.’

SPUC also claims there will be no opt-out for faith schools and anti-gay parents will also be undermined by the legislation.

The group has been a vocal opponent of ‘explicit’ sex education in schools.

In the letter, SPUC points to safe sex campaigns by sexual health charity Terrance Higgins Trust as evidence of the ‘promotion of homosexual practices’ to teenagers.

‘This high-profile charity will have a major opening when schools come under pressure to deliver information about same-sex relationships,’ the group writes.

‘Gay sexual practices are detailed on sexual “health” websites aimed at teenagers. The NHS Warwickshire website “Respect Yourself” contains a “Sextionary” which gives an A to Z of sexual activities from analingus to donkey punch to spit roast to zelphilia.

The letter added: ‘Directing pupils to websites promoting these activities will be seen as evidence that a school is complying with equality duties.’