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Pro-marriage equality referendum gets green light in Taiwan

Pro-marriage equality referendum gets green light in Taiwan

Anti-LGBTI Christian protestors in Taipei sit on the road there is a close up of a woman holding up two signs written in mandarin

Taiwan will likely have three marriage equality related referendums next month as two pro-marriage equality referendums get the green light.

LGBTI advocates passed the second part of the legal process to run a referendum on marriage equality. Politician Miao Po-ya and advocate Wang Ting-yu started the move to hold the referendums. They got more than the minimum 281,745 threshold of signatures to go ahead with a referendum.

They started the push for the referendums after conservative anti-LGBTI groups successfully secured their own referendum. The conservative groups want to ask Taiwanese people if they agree with marriage equality. They also want people to vote on whether LGBTI topics should be taught at schools.

The next step is for the electoral commission to decide whether the two pro-marriage equality referendums will be allowed onto the 24 November ballot.

Taiwan and marriage equality

Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legally give the green light to marriage equality. Last year, the Constitutional Court ruled that restricting marriage to between a man and a woman was unconstitutional.

The court gave legislators two years to change the law, but they dragged their feet.

The delay allowed conservative groups to drum up enough signatures to push for a referendum on the issue.

On Thursday (11 October) the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) declared their ‘resolute opposition’ to the anti-LGBT referendums.

‘The TAPCPR is prepared to expose anti-LGBT organizations that espouse family values to mask their true agenda of discrimination and hate,’ the Taipei Times reported the organization as saying.

‘While anti-LGBT groups have better funding to buy ads, we will use public debate as our platform to spread factual information.’