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Pro-Romney SuperPAC claims Obama will force gay marriage on US

Third party campaigners supporting this year’s Republican bid for the White House have fired off their first attack following the Democrats adding support for marriage equality to their party platform

Pro-Romney SuperPAC claims Obama will force gay marriage on US

A new commercial from a SuperPAC backing the Republican’s 2012 presidential election ticket has implied that Obama will use a second term to force same-sex marriage on America.

The ad, paid for by the Campaign for American Values PAC, is the first salvo fired by SuperPACs backing the Romney campaign since the Democrats moved to add support for marriage equality to the party’s federal party platform.

In the ad a woman tells her husband that ‘Obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country.’

‘That’s not the change I voted for,’ she tells him, ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman.’

The husband says ‘That’s not the change I voted for either,’ before being asked what they can do by the wife.

‘We can vote for someone with values.’

The ad then exhorts people to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket in 2012.

Campaign for American Values PAC is run by Evangelical activist Gary Bauer who told the Politicker website that the ad will screen in key swing states, and the ad has already screened in North Carolina during the Democratic National Convention.

Obama has repeatedly stated that while he is a supporter on the issue, he would leave it to individual states to decide where they stood on the issue.

The new Democratic platform adds support for marriage equality and ‘support [for] the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples.’

It is also critical of efforts to pass state constitutional bands on the issue and calls an end on a federal ban on benefits flowing to same-sex married couples in states where that is legal.

However the language carefully avoids stating that the Democratic Party would seek to use federal powers to compel states to change their policies on the issue against their will.

Under US campaign finance rules, SuperPACs can raise unlimited funds in support of political campaigns so long as they do not coordinate with the campaign they are supporting after a Supreme Court ruling decided political contributions equaled free speech.

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